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Over the past couple of weeks I’ve had the privilege of experiencing the DriBlade Razor Case. It’s not often that I see people make drastic improvement son the way guys shave given the fact that I’m involved with Handmade Men and ‘see it all’, but this product literally stopped me in my tracks when I saw it. It makes perfect sense, and the genius behind the DriBlade case is about to start a revolution not in the way we shave, but in the way we treat our shaving gear.


Let’s face it… a poor quality razor gives a poor quality shave. End of story. If your razor is top of the line reusable or a high-end disposable, then you’ll end up with a close shave that leaves no irritation – but what’s happening to your blades as they age? The wear and tear of water damage plays a massive role in the longevity of your razors, and if you have the same experience I did with DriBlade you’ll understand why this one product has the ability to dramatically extend the life of your favorite shaving blade or disposable razor.

The Big Idea

It’s simple science. When you leave a wet bled to dry, corrosion and oxidation happen more quickly. This causes the blade to break down, puts rust and micro-chipping to happen across the edge of the blade and on its body. I don’t know about you, but I’m not super excited about shaving with a rusty, chipped, dull blade. Ever!

DriBlade Razor Case

DriBlade steps in with an amazing case that allows you to pop in your blade and it will handle the rest. The case is fitted with a highly absorbent pack that pulls the moisture off your blade so that you never have to deal with it. You literally give your razor a quick shake to remove excess water then pop your razor in the case and go about your day.

DriBlade INdicator

The DriBlade case is fitted with an indicator pad on the back that clearly shows when the absorbent pack needs to be replaced. It’s effortless, and the amount of money you’ll save on replacing razors throughout the year will keep you coming back to DriBlade again and again.

DriBlade Pack

My Review

I couldn’t be more thrilled about this product! It provides a whole lot of things that worked really well for my shaving experience. First, the case fits any classic razor style, so it gives you a great looking case to store your razor in keeping them safe and secure when not in use. No more razors slipping into the tub or falling off the sink! Next, it gets to work fast absorbing moisture from your razor so that rust and chipping don’t happen. You’ll notice within just a few shaves that your blade continues to act like new and give you a comfortable, smooth shave with none of the catching.


I became an instant fan of this product, and in just a couple of weeks of use it’s become an essential in my shaving gear collection.

If you use a razor, pick up a DriBlade Razor Case right now and up your shaving game instantly! Longer life, better storage, and an all around excellent experience. You’ll also be supporting a small artisan business which is the easiest way to change the world for the better!

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I was in no way compensated for this review.

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