Here at Handmade Men, we’re all about helping small, handmade, artisan shops get into the limelight. Our growing audience of male and female readers relies on our features, reviews, giveaways, and themes to find the best shops out there! In order to get your shop on our front page, we’ve created a big selection of options to ensure that there’s something perfect for the unique work you do.

Use the list below to select one, several, or all of our partnership opportunities! Keep in mind that the only thing we charge for is banner ad placement – and those rates are just a few dollars!




Let us put you in the hot seat! Our readers love it when we pick the brains of artisans, shop owners, and creatives – and we’d love to talk to you next! Our ‘Featured!’ column goes out every Monday and is packed with photos, interesting questions and answers, and lots of links to your shop and other projects. We’ll send you some general questions via email, you answer them, and we’ll re-write our questions and format the interview to have the perfect flow.

Stage fright? No worries. We’ll walk you through the process and make sure that you, your shop, and your product get presented in the best light. See some examples <HERE>.



One of the best ways to get the word out about your amazing product is through a reliable review. When you send us your work, we dig in and find everything about it that our readers will love. In most cases, we also take some beautiful in-studio photos of our review process and of the item staged in the Handmade Men style to show that we really experienced it.

We will review up to 3 of your products in one post, and we’ll tie it all together with epic social media outreach. This is a great option to go hand-in-hand with a follow-up giveaway!

See examples of past reviews <HERE>.



Each week we choose a theme, write some engaging information about it, and collect some of our favorite handmade items from across the web to feature alongside it. We share the how’s, why’s, and what’s about the theme – then spotlight 3-6 products that exemplify what the theme is all about.

See some recent Hot Picks posts <HERE>.

Have an idea for a theme that your product would fit into? Shout!



The best way to get people to fall in love with your work is to let them try it! Our giveaway process not only gives someone the chance to experience your product for free, it also drives a phenomenal amount of fresh traffic to your site and can even get you some new attention on top social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

We create giveaways to cater to your unique goals. Want more facebook fans? We’ll set the giveaway up so that people need to ‘like’ your page to enter. Want mailing list additions? We can make that a requirement, too! The sky is the limit!

We use an independent third party company (Rafflecopter) to manage and select the winner so you know it’s fair. We’ll notify you when someone wins and you can send them your good stuff!

There’s no better way to generate buzz about one (or several) of your products than a giveaway! See some examples <HERE>.



Got something to share? We’ll give you a place to share it!

Handmade Men is always looking for great articles, instructions, and inspiration to share with our growing community of readers. When you guest write, we’ll put your words on center stage and create an amazing author bio for you with links to your personal shop/site as well!

We’ve set up a page filled with guest writing information – click the button below to check it out!



Put your shop, product, and personality right in front of our viewers’ eyes!
Our sidebar ad space shows up on all of the high-traffic pages on our site including thew home page on all hits, and we also make sure you get exposure on top individual blog posts, articles, features, and themes!

Not design savvy? No worries! We’ll be happy to create a magnetic graphic ad for you that will look great on our site and will represent your work perfectly!

Banner size: 240 x 140 (wide x tall)

Cost: $5 – $25 / month

Submit your banner now and have it up in no time using the link below!



The ‘eternal ad’! We’ll add your graphic of just about any size to the bottom of one of our best posts. In most cases we are able to write relevant content to support your ad or get you on a post with high traffic anticipated. Your ad will remain in place for the life of Handmade Men – and that’s a mighty long time!

Cost: $5 – $25



Our seasonal full-color gift guide is delivered to a growing audience via instant digital download and email in PDF format. It’s just like a catalog but without all the hassle and waste! Members of our free email list receive it as soon as it comes out, and new members get it as soon as they sign up. We also make it available for instant download on all of the most popular Handmade Men pages!


Cost: $5 for the special Spring 2014 edition which is booking now.


To take advantage of any of these great opportunities so that you can directly reach the massive, qualified Handmade Men readership, contact us here!