Hot Picks! Men’s Mustache Wax

Is your mustache a mess? Has your handlebar gone haywire? We’ve got the answers! This week on Hot Picks we’re featuring several artisan produced handmade men’s mustache wax products that are sure to tame even the most wild of whiskers. ¬†Mustache wax is made to tame the often unruly hair that grows on the face, and the products we’re spotlighting this week use the finest ingredients to that you can train, soften, and smooth your prized possession without any hassle or fuss.


Wax Handsome

Mustache wax is a must-have for any man who rocks facial hair. Everyone’s face is different and hair wants to grow the way it wants to grow, but wax can get it all in order. A quick application of handmade mustache wax in the morning can help train your facial hair to lay or grow in the direction you want while also helping soften and smooth its feel and appearance. Wax is super easy to use, takes just a few seconds to apply, and it will make a drastic change in how great your mustache looks.

Waxing On

Applying mustache wax is easy. It’s best to use it right after a shower since your facial hair will be soft and a bit more docile. The following video will show you how to rock the most amazing mustache with none of the stress…

How To Use Mustache Wax – By VideoJug


Click the images below to see more about each handmade mustache wax product…


wild bills handmade beard waxWild Bill’s Beard Wax

from Wild Bill’s Mustache

handmade mustache and beard waxMustache & Beard Wax

from Plunk Soap

handmade mustache waxMustache Wax

from Dr. Ganix

handmade mens beard balmBeard Balm

from Man’s Face Stuff

mens handmade beard balmEpic Beard Balm

from The Lascivious Tart


What a great collection!

Make sure to click the images above to see more on each item and more from each shop – they’ll be happy to have you!

A big thank you to all of the amazing shops who let us feature their work this week.

Mens Handmade Themed Collections

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