Hot Picks! Men’s Lotion & Moisturizers

Today’s Hot Picks collection is all about smooth skin! We’ve picked some of the best handmade men’s lotion, moisturizers, and specialty face hydration products on the market to encourage you to take excellent care of your skin this summer!

Switching up your skin care can be as simple as adding a daily men’s lotion to your schedule. Moisturizers are known to help prevent rough skin, cut back on the signs of aging in men, reduce blemishes, prevent irritation and breakouts, and give a soft look to even the most worked hands. Investing in a good men’s lotion can help your skin stand out in a crowd!

Using Men’s Lotion & Moisturizers
Experts suggest applying a light, all-natural moisturizer in the morning, evening, and just after any shower to help lock in the hydration. Use gentle circles to work small amounts of lotion into your skin. Select a heavier lotion for hands, feet, and body, and a lighter version for your face and neck. You’ll be amazed at the results!

3 Simple Skin Care Tips For Men

  1. Drink enough water every day. Staying hydrated throughout the day gives your skin the resources it needs to stay hydrated, soft, and smooth! Grab yourself a reusable water bottle this summer and carry it everywhere you go!
  2. Moisturize in the morning, at night, and after showers or swimming. It only takes a few seconds, and the look and feel of your skin will dramatically improve instantly!
  3. Choose handmade men’s lotions that come from caring artists who create in small batches using top ingredients and lots of attention. Why use mass produced factory skin care when you’re a one-of-a-kind guy?

Here are some of our favorite handmade men’s lotions – pick some up for yourself and show some love to your skin!


Bay Rum Vegan Men's Lotion

Bay Rum Hemp Men’s Body Lotion

Heavy Duty – Beeswax Men’s Lotion

Man Cave SoapWorks Men’s Lotion Body Cream

Skin2Spirit – Lumberjack Hand Lotion For Men

Plunk Soap - Handmade Men's Lotion

Plunk Soap – Handmade Men’s Lotion



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