Acupressure For Men – Instant Stress Relief!

In a world where computers, cars, and stress rule, men are an easy target for stress, strain, and pain that seems to pop up at the worst possible times. The good news is that mastering a few simple Acupressure techniques can help you relieve strain, stress, and even anxiety on the go in just a few minutes’t time.

What Is Acupressure?

In ancient China it was found that certain points on the body were connected by channels of ‘life energy’ (Ki/Qi) to points on the skin. These points act as pressure valves, release points, and hoppers for the energy that fuels and nourishes the parts of the body they are connected to. The idea is that when you create change on the acupressure point, you end up creating change in the place it connects to! Organs, body functions, and even emotions are all supported by life energy – so acupressure can help you achieve balance with all of them! Acupressure points are the same points used in acupuncture – minus the needles!

A little known fact about acupressure is that it was evolved from pure instinct! Chinese healing masters noticed that humans instinctively touch certain parts of their body when in pain, and they used these observations to define the most powerful acupressure points in the body!

How Is Acupressure Done?

All you need is a thumb or finger! In acupressure, gentle and consistent pressure is applied to acupressure points for 1 to 3 minutes time. You don’t press hard – this is not a deep tissue massage! You’ll use about the same amount of pressure you might use to push down the clicker on your computer mouse. Using acupressure is more about energy, relaxation, and intention than it is about force or pressure. You can also use gentle circular massage motions on the point, at about the size of a nickel.

While holding the point, focus on your breathing. Feel yourself breathe in relaxation, calm, and health through the point you are touching. Then, exhale pain, stress, and worry through the same point. By gently pressing the acupressure point you are bringing the body’s and the mind’s attention to it which will end up sparking the healing process and giving you a few moments to let your mind and body do a little healing magic.

When To Use Acupressure

Anytime, anywhere! You don’t need any special tools, clothing, or training to benefit from acupressure and the deep relaxation it offers. You may want to be alone, sitting or lying down comfortably – but these aren’t required.


The wise man knows that he carries tools for healing with him wherever he goes.


Here are some of the most important acupressure points for men. memorize where they are and pack them in to your Wise Man toolbox for later use!

Shoulder Tension

1) Gently hold at the base of the skull on both sides. Chances are you’ll feel some serious tension here!
2) Hold the peaks of the shoulders. Remember to breathe here to really let the tension escape!


1) The headache point is easy to find and you can use it discreetly anywhere! The point is located in the valley between your thumb and forefinger on the nail side of your hand (opposite the palm side). Hold, breathe, repeat.

Stress, Anxiety, & Worry

1) Find the valleys just on the inside of your shoulders, right under your collar bone. Massage gently in small circles while breathing into your belly.
2) Locate the bottom of your sternum (xyphoid process). About 3 finger widths up from the bottom you’ll find what is likely to be a sore or tense spot. Begin with a gentle hold, thenm move into a light circular massage once it relaxes. Breathe!

Instant Mood Enhancer

Go to the center of your forehead, right between your eyebrows. Do a gentle circular massage in this area until you feel the good feelings kick in! This is a powerful area that has connection with your emotions, mood, body chemistry, and your intuition! Enjoy!


Practice these simple acupressure holds now, and you’ll have them on hand the next time you’re stuck in traffic, dealing with an angry boss, sore after a long day at work, or processing some emotional stress. Taking time out for you – even just a few minutes – can change the game completely, and acupressure is a great excuse to make it happen!



Try using acupressure points to give your partner a quick shoulder, neck, head, or hand massage anytime, anywhere!


Here are some great videos by our favorite acupressure Wise Man Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D. about acupressure with even more holds…





And some amazing DIY books…

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