Break this Habit before You Break Your Men’s Bracelet

I have two sons, and they both wear my men’s bracelets. They have a habit that I have to get on to them about regularly. And, as things go in life, now that I’ve seen them do it, I’ve noticed other guys doing this with their men’s bracelets, too.




It’s the rubber band pull and pop. You’ve seen it. It’s when someone plays with a rubber band on their wrist by pulling it and letting it pop back into place. The modified version is to pull on it slightly, stretch it, and then release it slightly so it doesn’t pop.

This is a nervous habit for some people just like nail biting and fidgeting.  Still, it could be bad for your favorite men’s stretch bracelet. This pulling and stretching habit can weaken your stretch bracelet and cause it to break.


While most men’s jewelry designers who offer stretch bracelets use high quality stretch cord, there are some who take the cheap and easy route by using flimsy stretch elastic. Your pull and pop habit could mean you break your bracelet sooner rather than later.

You’ve invested good hard-earned money into your men’s bracelet.  Normal wear and tear is fine, but don’t go and break your bracelet because you want to pull on it….just because. After all, you wouldn’t have bought it if you didn’t want it.

Do you pull and stretch your men’s stretch bracelet out of habit?

[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Ayana Glaze is handcrafted men’s jewelry and accessories designer and owner of GLAZE.

She blogs about her foray into men’s jewelry design and her quest to give every man a perfect finish at [/author_info] [/author]

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