Beard Care : Simple Tips For Smooth Scruff

When it comes to wearing a beard, there’s nothing more irritating (literally!) than having dry, itchy skin hiding out underneath the hair you’ve so patiently grown. It can seem almost impossible to get underneath your beard to care for the skin while softening the hair itself along the way. The good news is that it’s actually really easy to soften your beard, nourish your skin, help prevent ingrown hairs and breakouts, and improve the overall healthy and look of your beard at the same time!

Follow these simply tips to keep the irritation down and the style up!

  • Exfoliate! Use a wide, soft bristle toothbrush to gently scrub underneath your beard in the shower. This is a great alternative to buying an expensive beard brush – and you can toss them after the bristles wear down. A little bit of gentle scrubbing can loosen dead skin cells, prevent breakouts, smooth out hair follicles, and give your beard a polished look. Use a gentle skin cleanser while you’re at it!
  • Condition! Check out some of the amazing all natural oil-based beard conditioners on the market. As a beard owner myself, I am a huge fan of the Wildman Beard Conditioner from Wild Rose Herbs on Etsy… and the scent is amazing!
beard conditioner - beard care
  • Moisturize! Grab a light, scent free, natural facial lotion and work it through your beard down to the skin right before bed each night. This is a simple and effective way to help nourish your skin, remove the dry look from your beard hair, and cut down on itching.
  • Hydrate! Make sure you’re drinking enough water during the day. Staying hydrated keeps your skin happy and helps your body have enough resources to keep skin and hair follicles happy.
  • Trim! If you’re going for a big beard, don’t be afraid to trim it back – or trim certain areas – to keep it growing even. Trimming is a great way to give your skin time to ‘catch up’ with the beard… and trimming can be an integral part of training your beard to grow the way you want it to.


Check out these celebrity beards…

David Beckham

Conan O’Brien

Brian Wilson


If you’re wearing a beard now, working on it, or thinking about it – know that there are some amazing beard care products on the market right now that will make it easy for you to have amazing scruff without all the irritation and  maintenance! Check out Etsy for handmade beard conditioners made from essential oils and other all natural ingredients.

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