Shout Out! Northern Crescent Iron

If there’s one thing that grabs the attention and brings up feelings of timeless craft and innovation, it’s the blacksmith. Fire, iron, hammers, and forging – this classic art has made a resurgence in modern years and it’s become a popular trend among many handmade enthusiasts. In this week’s Shout Out feature, we’re going to introduce you to an amazing working blacksmith shop in North Carolina and show you some of the beautiful pieces of work they’re creating every day.


Matthew Waldrop is the man behind the forge at Northern Crescent Iron. He’s been mastering the fine art of smithing for over 20 years, and runs a successful shop on Etsy. His works can also be found at select retailers throughout the country.

Here are just a few of the creations available from Northern Crescent Iron…

Cabinet Knobs

Matthew’s shop creates an impressive array of hand-forged cabinet knobs that are at one progressive and classic. The styles are many, and the designs would make a truly one-of-a-kind addition to any home.

forged iron cabinet knobsDrop Pulls

Add something spectacular to the look, feel, and function of your cabinetry with hand-forged drop pulls! These knob alternatives are making great strides in modern decor, and the timeless look of iron ties any look together.

handmade drop pulls

Railroad Stake Upcycles

What happens when a railroad stake gets another take on life? Think handmade knives…

handmade knife…and bottle openers that will set your style apart with both function and art!

handmade bottle opener


These are just a few of the amazing items being created at the Northern Crescent Iron shop. Click the banner below to see everything…

hand forged iron work

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