Nail It! Toenail Care For Summer Style

If you’re excited about a barefoot summer, you may be wondering how to handle men’s toenail care without a lot of hassle. Sandals and barefoot styles are a great way to enjoy the warm weather and keep it casual, but if your toenails aren’t up to par – you might regret not putting on socks! More and more men’s toenails are looking better than ever because we’re finally taking time to take care of the details. As men, we tend to get exposed to things like athlete’s foot, fungus, dry skin, and scrapes all the time, so it’s a good idea to be prepared and have some simple toenail care solutions on hand all the time.

Check out these simple men’s toenail care tips and solutions that will help you keep your toenails clean, smooth, and freshly manicured all summer without any hassle.

Men’s Toenail Care

It’s all about technique! Take your time, use a sharp pair of large clippers, and don’t be afraid to pick up a large sized emery board as well

  • Clip straight across! Many men want the rounded look – but that has to come on its own. A straight-across cut helps prevent ingrown toenails and also cut down on irritation and hang nails.
  • It’s totally fine to leave your nails  just a little long. Many guys don’t want to clip their toenails often so they go as short as possible. This is a disaster waiting to happen! This a little extra nail to protect the delicate nail bed.
  • Cut your nails only when dry. Fresh out of the shower cutting opens you up to torn nails.
  • Try cutting your toenails straight across in small nips instead of one big cut.
Check out this video on Men’s Toenail Care

Filing & Cuticles

Use a strong, large sized emery board to give your nails a smooth, clean, and polished look in just a few minutes.

  • Gently file across the top of your nail in one direction – never go back and forth. Move from the top of your nail towards your toe to smooth out a rounded edge.
  • Never clip or cut your cuticles unless you’re a fan of infection! Instead,  pick up a simple cuticle tool and gently push them back each time you clip.

mens toenail foot careFoot Care

In addition to your nails, you can add just a few extra steps to keep toes and feet looking amazing and feeling soft.

  • Pick up a pumice stone and use it in the shower every other day. Gently scrub the bottom of your feet to remove excess skin. This cuts back on scaly feet and can even reduce foot odor.
  • Use light lotion to hydrate your feet right our of the shower – your feet appreciate lotion just as much as the rest of your skin does!
  • Handle any signs of athlete’s foot, fungus, or infection immediately. There are some amazing all natural products on the market to help with these issues, and your doctor can also give you some really effective remedies as well.
Men's Toenail Care How Tp
Pick yourself up a simple nail care kit… they’re super inexpensive and will remind you to take time every so often to care for your toenails and fingernails. A good men’s toenail care kit should contain clippers, a file, and a cuticle tool. Make sure to also pick up a pumice stone or scrubber for your feet to keep in the shower.
Here’s to a great barefoot summer!
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