Hot Picks! Handmade Hoodies

The weather is starting to cool off, and you know what that means… hoodies! Many men look forward to ‘hoodie season’ because the everyday style becomes more relaxed, comfortable, and warm. To celebrate the season, and to get you connected with some of the most amazing handmade hoodies you can find, we’ve assembled this list of artisans and shops to show you where your new hoodie should come from this year. Enjoy!


>>> Why Handmade Hoodies Are So Popular

From one-of-a-kind construction to hand-printed designs, hoodies offer you a way to stay warm without the bulk of a heavy coat. A handmade hoodie can be easily tucked in to a backpack or tossed in the backseat so that you’re always prepared, and they’re easier to wear than many types of coats or jackets.

>>> Hoodie Styles

The two most common handmade hoodie styles include pull-over and zip-up. These two designs make it easy for you to get your hoodie on and off without fuss. If you’re worried about keeping your hair just right or avoiding a shirt re-tuck, handmade hoodies with zippers might be your best option. If you’re looking for roomy, comfortable construction with more design space, a pull over might be better for you.


Below is our pick of some of the most amazing hoodies and the artisans who create them. Because some of these handmade hoodies are one-of-a-kind, the images link to the artisans’ shops so that you can see these and other creations available at any given time. Click on the images to see more…


Mighty Moose – Recycled & Thread Sketched

From Stitch & Spoke

Cowl Style Sweatshirt Hoodie

From Pierogi Picnic 

“Happy To Be Dead” Limited Edition Hand Screen Printed Hoodie

From Ahpeele 

Organic Cotton Hoodie

From SoulRole 

Handmade Men’s ‘Deeper’ Hoodie

From Morphic

Midieval Armor Handmade Hoodie

From I Am Knight

Handmade Hoodie Sweatshirt

From Sunflower Sartoria Creativa

Starburst Hoodie

From Stitches By V


Stay warm!


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