Hot Picks! Men’s Ankle Bracelets

Your ankles have some great real estate – why not dress them up? Surfers and boho enthusiasts have always found ways to increase their wrap jewelry count without going overboard, and men’s ankle bracelets are a great way to add one more interest point to your style while keeping it masculine, clean, and simple. We’ve scoured to find the best selling and most popular ankle wraps and ankle bracelets designed just for guys, and we’re sharing them right here in this week’s Handmade Men Hot Picks!

How To Wear Men’s Ankle Bracelets

Wraps looks great with any style – just make sure that your ankle bracelet can be seen. You can rock your bracelet with sandals and shorts, jeans and low-cut canvas shoes, or with any summer barefoot look. Toggle clasps and lobster claw clasps allow you to easily secure your ankle bracelet in just seconds, and they’ll stay put no matter how active the warm weather makes you. For more dressed-up occasions and seasons, wearing an ankle bracelet can be like wearing awesome underwear – you know it’s there, but only the privileged find out about your stylish secret!

Ankle Bracelet Materials

Hemp and cotton are perennial favorites when it comes to ankle wrap materials. Many artists create intricate knot and wrap patters to bulk up the look of these materials and make the stronger and more masculine at the same time. Silk, leather, faux suede, flax fiber, and bamboo fiber are other materials you’ll see a lot of these days. Glass, stone, gemstone, metal, bone, horn, and shell can also be added to the look of any men’s ankle bracelet to keep the look natural and grounded while creating more interest and attraction. For our picks, we’ve selected only handmade and one of a kind men’s pieces to make sure that you get top quality and unique style.


Choose colors that are neutral so that you can wear your ankle bracelet no matter what clothes you have on. Brown, tan, black, silver, copper, white, and earth tones are always great choices because they have a masculine look and can blend in to any style you’re sporting each day.



Our Hot Picks!

Check out these amazing men’s ankle bracelets!
Click on any image to see the full selection of pieces available from each artist/studio – selected right from!

Camo Hemp & Wood from MoonSoulJewelry

Men’s Black Hemalite Ankle Bracelet

Agate, Brass, Jasper, & Hemp From Freedom Market

Black Onyx & Turquoise From Maggie’s Beadery

Tan & Black Magnetic Therapy Ankle Bracelet


Enjoy your summer, and stay tuned for even more one of a kind handmade men’s styles!


  1. Awesome. These ankle bracelets are superb. I am going for a summer vacation to the Caribbean and will wear something like this. I hope I get attention from the hotties there.

    • Thanks for the comment Lisa! We agree, ankle bracelets look great on guys and are a simple way to add something special to any men’s look!

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