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One of the easiest and most often overlooked places for a guy to customize his personal style is his belt buckle. A belt buckle is like a big blank canvas waiting to be worked with, and it can do amazing things to tie an outfit together or add charm and personality to an individual look. This week, we’d like to introduce you to an amazing shop on Makeably that offers one-of-a-kind handmade belt buckles that any guy will love!


The MyBeltBuckle shop is located in Hungary where Vera, the amazing artisan behind all of the cool stuff in this shop does her work. You’ll find everything from maps and music sheets to amazing illustrations that will give a truly unique look to casual or dressed up styles.

One of our favorite pieces from the MyBeltBuckle is the bicycle oval belt buckle. There’s something so clean, clear, and fun about it – and it comes in a stunning array of colors!

Another great piece is the sheet music belt buckle…

Keep in mind that every shop on Makebly offers 100% customized pieces. What that means for you is that is you have an image, photo, color scheme, or design idea that you’d like to see turned into a belt buckle, chances are MyBeltBuckle can help! Vera is fun to work with and she if full of ideas on how to transform your unique idea into a piece of wearable art that will get some serious attention!

Use the link below to head over to her shop on Makeably now and see what she’s making…

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