Shout Out! Advanced Riskology

Last week Twitter did us a serious favor by suggesting we become friends with Tyler Tervooren, the man behind Advanced Riskology, and boy are we grateful!

Tyler is a down-to-earth but fiercely motivated writer and explorer who takes like by the horns, identifies self limiting realities, then goes out and re-creates them. He tackles subjects as vast as the great outdoors and as grounded as business and entrepreneurship.

I started Advanced Riskology for one extremely important reason – I want to help everyone I can to take smarter and more beneficial risks in their lives.

The Advanced Riskology blog is updated regularly with travel and adventure posts that feature excellent imagery in both the literal and figurative forms.

My theory is that if we stagnate, struggle, and eventually fail by playing it too safe, then we also learn, grow, and ultimately succeed by embracing risk in our lives.

If you’ve got a bucket list, a dream, a fear, or a hope – this blog is for you. Tyler uses words and accomplishments to unlock inspiration and courage within his readers – and he does it without the self-help banter which is a breath of fresh air.

Check out Tyler’s blog right now and make sure to sign up for his free email series as well… you’ll be glad you did!

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