Men’s Handmade Scarves

The cold weather winds are blowing and it’s time to wrap up in style! Scarves are a simple, stylish, and effective way to keep warm wherever you go – and choosing men’s handmade scarves ensures that you always have a unique look that stands out above the rest. This week we’re looking at several scarf ideas from artisan shops around the world. Each piece has been created by hand using high-end materials and lots of attention to detail.


Click on the images to get more information about each featured piece, and to see other scarves from that shop.


Mens Handmade ScarfMen’s Handmade Two-Tone Scarf

from Madame Vu

handmade mens scarfMen’s Handmade Infinity Scarf

from Maple And Oak Designs

handmade mens scarvesMen’s Handmade Text Scarf

from Artlab

Mens ScarfMen’s Handmade Scarf

from Shattered Seams

Handmade Mens Knitted ScarfMen’s Handmade Knitted Scarf

from Zukas


Getting warm already?

Stay warm and stylish this season by wrapping up in a handmade scarf from one of the shops featured above!

Mens Handmade Themed Collections

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