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This week we had the pleasure of experiencing handmade, all-natural solid men’s cologne and lotion bars from Live Beautifully on Etsy. Live Beautifully is run by an artisan couple who work hard creating some of the most amazing products we’ve used – and now they’re making for men! Here’s our review of the Dark Forest Rain Gift Set from Live Beautifully… enjoy!



>>> The Products

We reviewed two of the signature scents that make the Live Beautifully growing men’s product selection special. Dark Forest Rain is crisp yet grounded, filled with notes of citrus, wood, and rain. Fresh Mountain Timber is a somewhere between the scent of vintage wood and the great outdoors with subtle reminders of sweet pipe tobacco, aged books, and ancient pine trees.

Dark Forest Rain
Gift Set

We experienced the Dark Forest Rain scent in the form of a solid cologne, and the Fresh Mountain Timber scent in the amazing lotion bars. Both of these products were new to us and opened our team up to a new world of working with cologne and moisturizers!

>>> Dark Forest Rain Solid Cologne

Dark Forest Rain
Solid Cologne

We’re scent snobs, it’s true. It’s one thing for a product to smell good on its own, and another thing entirely for it to smell good when it mixes with your natural scent. We found that the oak moss and lemongrass essential oils used in this solid cologne gave a clean scent that worked well with the natural smell guys have. Nothing got covered up – only enhanced! Dark Forest Rain Solid Cologne has the scent of chocolate in it as well which adds a slightly sweet note, but takes on more of a freshly rain-soaked forest meets citrus and earthy scent when it all comes together.

Solid Cologne
From Live Beautifully

Texture, scent, application, ease of use, and the attention it got us all earn this handmade product a major win! Just as easy as having lip balm on you, taking this natural cologne is a snap!

Dark Forest Rain Solid Cologne

Dark Forest Rain Lotion Bars

Dark Forest Rain Gift Set – Solid Cologne & Lotion Bars

>>> Fresh Mountain Timber Lotion Bars

Fresh Mountain Timber
Lotion Bars

We fell in love with these from the moment we first tried them. Imagine a softened bar of soap that literally melts into your skin when you rub your fingers across it – or run it across your skin. The fragrance was amazing, and the texture and application was just as great. Although the lotion bars literally melt into your skin, you are not left with a slick residue or gloss. The all natural ingredients used in the lotion bars are clearly something every guy’s skin wants because it soaks up fast! We tried this on guys with sensitive skin, oily skin, and dry skin – great results and happy souls all around!

Lotion Bars
From Live Beautifully

For an extra special treat in the summer, keep your lotion bars in the fridge. Applying them cold is an experience in and of itself, and the cooler the bars are, the more solid they become.

Fresh Mountain Timber Lotion Bars

Fresh Mountain Timber Solid Cologne

Fresh Mountain Timber Gift Set – Solid Cologne & Lotion Bars

Check out the natural men’s solid cologne and lotion bars from Live Beautifully, and all of the other amazing products they create as well, by clicking the link below!

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