Hot Picks! Men’s Handmade Sunscreen

The sun can cause serious skin problems – everyone knows that. But why sacrifice playing in the rays when you don’t have to? In this week’s Hot Picks feature, we’re taking a look at some of the very best small batch, artisan, and handmade sunscreen and sunblock lotions on the market, and sharing some simple tips to help you soak up the sun without any of the danger.


What’s The Big Deal With Sunscreen?

You hear doctors, parents, and style experts rave about the benefits of sunscreen – but what’s the big deal? It’s all about protection! Wearing a high end handmade sunscreen makes sure that harmful UV rays get scattered before they hit your skin. This means that you can play in the sun without letting the harmful rays make their way to the biggest organ you have – your skin! It’s always a good idea to cover up and hang out in the shade when possible, but the added protection of handmade sunblock makes all the difference in the world.

Is The Sun Really All That Dangerous?

Nothing personal, Sun! The sun creates ultra-violet rays that make their way to earth and generate warmth, growth, and beauty all around us. The problems start when UVA and UVB rays get to our skin without protection. UVB rays stay on the surface of the skin and cause tanning and burns. UVA rays are longer and penetrate far deeper into the skin where they cause early signs of aging, break downs in skin elasticity, discoloration, spots, and even skin cancer. Both rays are dangerous – but handmade sunscreen can keep them out! Both UVA and UVB rays can lead to cancer and other serious skin conditions – so stay protected is very important!

How To Use Sunscreen

Most sunscreen and sunblock products have an ‘SPF’ listed clearly on their labels. SPF is the Sun Protection Factor that tells you how long you can stay out in the sun before it;s time to re-apply your handmade sunscreen. Here’s how it works. You take the length of time you can usually stay in the sun without burning and multiply it by the SPF on your sunscreen. If 10 minutes is usually all it takes and you have a 15 SPF sunblock, you’ve got 150 minutes to play before it’s time to apply again. Apply sunscreen 30 minutes ┬ábefore you head outside to give it time to attach to your skin, and don’t forget to reapply! If you’re going to be in the water, reapply slightly more often.

Get Sun!

Check out these amazing handmade sunscreen products from top artisans online. We’ve checked these products for top ingredients, fragrance, feeling, effectiveness, and price and think they might just be the perfect options for you this summer!

Grab your favorite by clicking the image, and let the shop know we sent you!


Peppermint Sunscreen
Cabin Creek Apothecary

Nano & Oxide-Free
Aloe & Antioxidant Sunscreen
Opas Soap

SPF 30 Natural Sunscreen
Scum Soaps

Mango Butter Sunscreen
Bella di Terra

Lime & Coconut Sunscreen
Rainwater Botanicals

Organic Sunscreen Lotion
Honeybee Holistics
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  1. Great collection of handmade sunscreen! Buying from artisans who create in small batches by hand is the perfect way to fuel the economy directly, support artisans, and get products made with true craftsmanship and TLC.

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