Hot Picks! Men’s Handmade Soap

This week on Handmade Men it’s all about getting squeaky clean with the best artisan soaps made just for guys! Let’s face it – guys are picky about their grooming products, and soap is no exception. From a masculine scent to excellent cleansing power, men’s handmade soap has to lather up to our high expectations to make this list – and we know you’re going to love the many great options we discovered!


From traditional woodsy scents to soaps made from beer an everything in between, we’re excited to share this great themed collection with you. Enjoy!

Each men’s handmade soap variety below comes from an independent artisan shop online. To learn more about each item, or to order your own, just click on the image and we’ll make sure you get there!


Man Soap - Vegan ShackMan Soap

from Vegan Shack

Organic Men's Handmade Soap - Herbivore BotanicalsMen’s Organic Bar Soap Set

from Herbivore Botanicals

Beer Soap - Beautiful SoapsGuinness Beer Soap

from Beautiful Soaps

Tobacco Black Tea Soap - Susie Qs Bath And BodyTobacco & Black Tea Soap

from Susie Q’s Bath & Body

Manly Man Soap Set - Rocky Top Soap ShopManly Man Soap Set

from Rocky Top Soap Shop

Lafitte 1815 - Sweet Olive Soap WorksLafitte 1815

from Sweet Olive Soap Works

Dude Pack - Prunella SoapDude Pack Men’s Vegan Soap Set

from Prunella Soap

Men's Soap with Dish - Wisemann Hill FarmMan Soap with Alderwood Soap Dish

from Wiseman Hill Farm


Happy Scrubbing!

Mens Handmade Themed Collections


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