Hot Picks! Men’s Handmade Hair Care

In this week’s Hot Picks theme. we’re looking at some of the most amazing handmade and small batch men’s hair care products you can find! From cleansing shampoos and smoothing conditioners to styling gel and hair oil, we’ve covered all the bases to make sure that your ‘do’ looks great, feels great, and stays healthy. Choosing natural, small batch, and handmade hair care products is a great way to give your hair what it really deserves with none of the hassle – and people will really notice the difference!

>>> Shampoo & Conditioner

Your scalp produces oils all day long. These oils are an important part of hair growth and hair health, but they can look dirty, cause styling issues, and even smell bad if left unchecked. Handmade shampoo and small batch conditioner lets you clean away the oils, dirt, debris, smell, and tangles in your hair in just a matter of minutes. Shampoo does the cleaning, and conditioner adds moisture, manageability, and smoothness.

>>> Styling Products

Pomade, gel, and hair spray are products that allow you to keep your hair in check while keeping your style at the same time. Choosing handmade pomade or gel lets you get the look you want while using better ingredients with more attention to detail. You’ll also be supporting small business which is a serious ‘win’ for everyone!

>>> Hair Health

Hair loss, thinning hair, dry follicles, and other hair issues are common among men. The good news is that you can find handmade hair care products that will help give your locks all the help, nourishment, and support they need to look and feel great! Choose handmade, all-natural products to keep the crazy chemicals off of your body while benefiting from everything nature has to offer. Nature grew your hair – trust it to heal as well!

Here are a few of our favorite handmade men’s hair care products online. Click the image to see the featured product and to see more from each artisan and shop as well!

Dragon Blood Handmade Shampoo
From Toadstool Soaps

‘Blacksmith’ Activated Charcoal Conditioner
From Puur Body

Organic Honey Patchouli Conditioner
From Green Bubbles

Herbal Hair Gelee
From Favor Care

Mango Musk Pomade
From Hairitage Hydration

If you’ve got a favorite handmade shampoo, conditioner, styling product, or hair health product, share it with using the comments section below!

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