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It’s not often that we get the chance to check out handmade eyeglasses and sunglasses. We’ve actually tried to do features on this before but simply couldn’t find enough shops to put a themed collection together. So, it goes without saying that we’re thrilled to have connected with Sire’s Crown Eyewear on Etsy and we’re really excited to be sharing their work with you today. If you want to take your prescription Rx glasses or your favorite shades to a new level of artisan style, this is how to do it!

Materials & Manufacturing

Each pair of Sire’s Crown frames is made using natural woods with a great deal of visual interest and depth. The frames are actually retrofitted with genuine woods from all over the globe, and they are created in such a way as to remain flexible which adds to their ease of use and longevity.

The hinges are made from high-end titanium which looks great on its own and really compliments the wood grains. Each pair of frames is finished off with an acid resistance coating for even more longevity.

Some designs can be created using a variety of woods while other frames are specific to one perfectly matched wood type. Because of the clarity of this line, it’s really easy to hone in on the styles that will work well for your face, your eyes, and your personal style.

handmade glasses

Getting Personal

Each pair of handmade frames can be customized for use with UVA/UVB lenses  or your prescription lenses.

You can browse the online shop or even get a live online tour via Skype or webcam!

Once you’ve selected the frames that suit your tastes, you’ll have a short 7-10 business day wait before you’ll be sporting eye-catching frames that simply cannot be duplicated!

handmade sunglasses

Keeping It Clean

Sire’s Crown frames are made from eco materials and gently harvested woods. They go so far as to donate a portion of every sale to Trees For The Future in order to help keep our earth an amazing and healthy place to live.

One of the reasons we love supporting small business is ethics like this. It says a lot about a shop who goes above and beyond to balance out their craft footprint so that there’s enough left for future generations.

handmade frames

Try ‘Em On!

Use the banner below to see the full available line from Sire’s Crown Eyewear right now, and consider which ones would look best on you!

Sire's Crown Handmade Eyewear


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